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I changed my tumblr image to remind myself to enjoy life and have fun.

On another note Corvidae30 saved me from some embarrassment and getting some sort of “Mrs Robinson” reputation in the community.  I am working from home the next couple of days to wrap things up with the old job and I started racing down the stairs to get lunch.

Pho!!! It has been so long!…but that isn’t the story.

I get to the landing I hear Corvidae30’s voice from I didn’t know where “11’s friend is down there!”  then louder “11’s friend is down there!”

I stopped more because of confusion, not knowing where Corvidae30 was or what the heck he was saying - it wasn’t registering.

Things fell into place, he was in the bedroom I ran by, and I was racing down the stairs in my pj’s which I hadn’t changed out of this morning…long shirt, no bottoms (I was wearing underwear…is that TMI?).  I thought the boys were outside! I backed up the stairs where Corvidae30 was standing holding some pj bottoms.

He is immensely helpful at times.

….mmmmm pho

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